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It was at comrades of 2018 that I came down to support a good friend of mine, not only did the comrades bug bite me there and then , more importantly i was in awe of the Malka Ella support for all the runners. whilst the 2019 Comrades was on Shavout and 2020 and 2021 never happened due to Covid i patiently waited and ran and completed my inaugural comrades in a sub 11 time, I would never have made it without Tracy help and support , so too many families would have been childless without the support of Malka Ella . I may be the one running the comrade marathon the dedication goes to the real runner that being my wife " who runs after me " I am supporting Malka Ella as they supported Tracy and I in our time of need , and I dedicate this run to Tracy not only because she " runs after me " but because of the many procedures she endured. It is OUR intention to raise money so that their good work continues and "bring dreams to life" by Running for the next generation

David Kimmelman

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