Fertility Preservation

Step 1: Understand Process

Understand how the application process works and the Malka Ella Fertility Fund terms and conditions for egg freezing.

Step 2: Collect Documents

To process your application, Malka Ella requires several documents to me made available in a digital format along with your submission. Please make sure the following documents are available before filling in the application form.

Agreement Letter

Both the Agreement Letter and the Rabbi's Consent Form must be completed.  These need to be filled in by yourself and Rabbi Gidon Fox, and then uploaded with your application. Rabbi Fox can be contacted on  [email protected]

Financial Documents

You need to do the following:

  1. Download Financial spreadsheet 
  2. Complete Financial spreadsheet with all the relevant information
  3. Upload Financial spreadsheet along with digital copies of all supporting financial documentation required.

Please ensure documents are labelled with your surname and description of the document. For example if your surname is Gold your financial form should be labelled "Gold financial form.xlsx"

Download Financial Spreadsheet

  • Financial Spreadsheet
  • Last 3 month bank statement
  • Last 3 month credit card statement
  • Last 3 month bond statement
  • Last 3 month salary slips

Step 3: Submit Application

Now that you understand the process and terms and conditions and have completed all the required documents, click on the button to begin the online application.

Start the Process