Gina Waldman

No. of pieces: 1
Size framed: 60cm x 50cm
Medium: Watercolour, woven paper, collage

The artist’s work is most often rooted in kitsch theory – looking at the line between good and bad taste and specifically looking at kitsch symbols associated with the feminine. In Woven Waldman uses butterflies and shells which are both collectable souvenirs of nature, and are associated with feminine taste. In this piece the artist has used a paper weaving technique with hand finished watercolour that has a pixelated tapestry reference. Her thoughts about the medium of tapestry is that commercial tapestry is made using paint by number templates mostly of scenes painted by famous male artists. Waldman argues that tapestry has been used as a device to control women’s leisure time and restrain creativity. A domestic tapestry remains unauthored – a copy of a copy – and is of little value despite the hours of effort, a symbol of how little women’s work is valued and how a modern women’s mental load is unseen and undervalued labour.
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