Deena Kalmonowitz

No. of pieces: 1
Size framed: 87.5cm x 118cm
Medium: Watercolor and pencil on fabriano

Vezakeni, is a visual representation of the blessing a mother says after she lights Shabbos candles. In this blessing a mother asks Hashem to make her worthy enough to raise children and grandchildren who are wise, understanding, and who love and fear Hashem. The depiction of a young child learning to love aleph bet from a young age. At every stage of his life he broadens his knowledge and understanding of torah appropriate to his stage of life. Over a lifetime of toiling in torah he develops a love and dedication of a Talmud Torah, steeped in the holy words of Torah. This image could be interpreted as different Jewish people with different levels of Torah knowledge learning alongside each other, yet still all connected to Hashem. Just as Hashem created the world and reality, through words, so too, according to Torah commentators, we all have the power to create through our words. As a mother brings in shabbos and lights each flame symbolising the soul of each person in her family, she prays and imagines these souls connecting to their source – Hashem, for eternity.
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