Dena Cohen

No. of pieces: 1
Size framed: 48cm x 60cm
Medium: Magazine cuttings and oil paint on paper

Native to South Africa, the protea has become a symbol of rustic beauty representing an African culture fraught with complexity and diversity. The use of collage enhances the multiplicity of the artist’s African roots. The leaves show vibrant photos, except for one full leaf on the left of the composition which shows a daunting map of Eastern Europe’s Poland. Paying homage and drawing strength from the depths of despair of the holocaust, this leaf represents the responsibility of Remembering. Directly underneath it is another leaf, using South African inspired imagery, bringing to life our pulsating rainbow nation tasked with picking up the shattered pieces of the horrors of Apartheid. These two leaves symbolise heinous atrocities committed by human beings on other human beings. Directly perpendicular to the jarring map is a leaf of life, religiosity and identity. The menorah – a symbol of miracles; the Torah – a symbol of eternity; an Israeli flag – a symbol of freedom. Woven throughout the work is the limestone colour found in the walls of Jerusalem.

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