Sandi Kuper

No. of pieces: 1
Size framed: 112cm x 83cm
Medium: Hand printed tree trunk on 100% cotton paper

Sandi Kuper has developed a body of work dedicated to the lost trees of Johannesburg. These trees, deeply rooted in the gritty history of the Witwatersrand, have stood sturdy and impenetrable, like sentinels keeping watch over human anecdotes of love and life. And yet, a beetle of no more than 2mm in length, multiplying by the millions, lies in silent wait while its fungus wilts the trees from within. Potentially one of the region’s worst ecological disasters in centuries, Sandi watched eight die in her road in one year alone. Her delicate series of limited edition hand-printed works are an ode that acknowledges the stories – recorded in each annual ring – that these giants may have heard, sheltered or shaded. Working in colours that mirror the seasonal variations of life, death and renewal, the artist remembers the joy that these beautiful trees have given her, and offers the viewer an opportunity to reflect on the symbiosis between men and trees.
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