Lynda Ballen

No. of pieces: 1
Size: 107cm x 52.5cm
Medium: Watercolour, gouache and coloured pencils on handmade paper laminated over thread

Ode to Indigo 1 and 2 honour the natural colour derived from the plant Indigofera tinctoria. These works allude to the three-part lyrical poetic form that praises and glorifies – by inviting a visual and psychological journey. The experience is one of “Indigo blueness”. Through a landscape of foreground, middle ground and distance— beyond plants that yield this particular colour— is an optical play with transparency and opacity, with tonal and chromatic relationships and with spatial dynamics. Here handmade paper – tinted with watercolour pigment and laminated over a grid of thread—is the surface for gouache and pencil crayon. The works refer to the creative and cultural traditions of Indigo textile dying that can be traced back 5000 years, and more recently, to ‘Indigo blue denim’ that has kept the colour alive.

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