Loren Hodes

No. of pieces: 1
Size framed: 46cm x 53.5cm
Medium: Mixed media

Purim is known as the rebirth of the Jewish People. Facing annihilation through the evil decree of Haman, Esther begged for the lives of her people. We were saved from annihilation by the humility, courage and faith of Esther and Mordechai. A miraculous re-creation of the Jewish People. Esther is a Persian name meaning” morning star “. In Hebrew it relates to the root word for “hidden” a reference to Esther’s modesty as well as to the fact that Hashem’s intervention was concealed throughout the entire turn of events. Esther is portrayed as a bride, alluding to the strength and modesty of all Jewish women who are the creators, and educators of every generation throughout history.
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