Shayna Rosendorff

No. of pieces: 1
Size framed: 93cm x 93cm
Medium: Soft pastel, chalk, ink, graphite, charcoal, and permanent marker on Fabriano

This work unpacks the creation of space and the way it has been manipulated so much by man that it becomes a new place entirely. Exploring the way in which the South African landscape has been shaped or ‘created’ by the mining industry in an unrelenting and repetitive manner. A pattern emerges. A pattern that is established by a system of signs that display a distinct understanding of a particular place from a partial perspective. The patterns across the series that this work is a part of emulates an indefinite reiteration of industry and movement. Manifesting itself across the hundreds of mines that aided in the creation of this work that comes to represent my memory of the repetition of shapes that I have noticed across the mines of Southern Africa. Revealing itself in the form of a blueprint. A layered blueprint that represents the changing of the natural space into something constructed. These maps that we have created historically, become a correspondence between representation of place and the territory it represents. A convergence of time, space, and people. The repetitive act of memory manifests itself as identical, through the absorption of difference. While the place is specified through its re-territorialisation, it dilutes the differentiation through this unfixed repetition of similarity, which, throughout the body of work, becomes increasingly universalised.
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