Claudia Gurwitz

No. of pieces: 1
Size framed: 51cm x 52cm
Medium: Printed in museum etching on 100% cotton paper

The artist is drawn towards predominantly indigenous South African plant forms, and the strength and potency that they hold. Each artwork taps into the coexistence and interdependence of nature’s male and female forces. Gurwitz’s paintings are explorations of the unique, underlying energy which each plant has to offer, celebrating these male and female counterparts that both oppose and harmonise with one another. Plants play a significant role in the lives of Xhosa People, fulfilling cultural, ritual and spiritual needs. The Coral Tree or ‘Umsintsi’, which means ‘December’, is believed to bring good luck and to prepare a woman for childbirth. When Umsintsi has flowered and summer has arrived, young girls bathe themselves with the blossoms before their wedding ceremonies. This work is a limited edition print of 30.
*All winning bids can be paid off over 6 – 12 months – with 80% of your bid being S18A applicable.

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