Sue Fox Blumberg

No. of pieces: Set of 2
Size framed: 34.3cm x 91.3cm
Medium: Dry point on Fabriano paper

Artifacts-Totems are part of a series entitled “Artifacts and Heirlooms”. These prints were made using the cd as a plate for the dry point. It was appropriate to use the cds to engrave the images of the iconic African artifacts onto, like fertility dolls, beaded and copper bracelets and wood carvings, as the cds themselves have become artifacts. As an architect the artist has always been interested in the visual. In an era of instant images, virtual reality and computerised photographic likenesses the handmade has its place. The exhibition was compiled of etchings, monoprints and charcoal drawings. The theme being objects that surround the artist’s family at home on a daily basis. The silver, copper and antique “heirlooms” were passed down through the generations. The artifacts were collected by the artist’s late husband. The heirlooms and the artifacts are both connected to ancestors and they are imbued with meaning and memory.

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