Kim Lieberman
26 TERRITORIES 2021 | 5781

No. of pieces: 1
Size framed: 68cm x 42cm
Medium: International currency, silk thread, pencil, on paper

This work includes currency from 26 different countries, and 6 different continents. It has touched geographical places around the planet and in doing so ties in cultures, peoples, and languages of vastly differing nature. There is dust, dirt, and DNA remains on the money which brings in both the human element and the exposure to different environments. The silk thread visually ropes the currencies together, showing how we cross paths, don’t think in a vacuum, are influenced by each other. We are somehow tapped into a source, although we come at it from all angles, we add to and take from a constant moving world of energy, and information. Currencies represented: Australian dollar, Bolivian boliviano, Botswana pula, Brazilian real, Chilean peso, Indian rupee, Indonesian rupiah, Israeli shekel, South African rand, Macanese pataca, Malagasy ariary, Mauritian rupee, Moroccan dirham, Mozambican metical, Myanmar kyat, Namibian dollar, Norwegian krone, Rwandan franc, Tanzanian shilling, Thai baht, United Arab Emirates dirham, United States Dollar, Venezuelan bolivar, Vietnamese dong, Yemeni rial, Zambia kwacha.
*All winning bids can be paid off over 6 – 12 months – with 80% of your bid being S18A applicable.

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