Online Art Auction & Exhibition 2021 / 5781

Art is the expression of ideas and feelings, visually representing the balance and tension between possibility and limitation. Art ignites emotion, memory and passion - and occasionally discomfort. Our artistic expression is influenced by people and places and informed by the culture, or counter culture of our time. The making of art mimics the journey of life. Both art and life develop organically. As with art, life is created with both past and future. Recurring themes of birth, growth, family, connection, celebration, isolation and self-identity are as prevalent in our daily lives as they are in our art making.

The theme for our art exhibition is therefore 'Creation'.

The Artists

The Malka Ella Fertility Fund extends its deepest gratitude to the 60 Jewish women artists who generously donated their work for the purpose of this auction. Some of these artists have achieved prominence and professional acclaim in their artistic careers, while many are newer to the art world and not yet as well recognised. We thank them all. View the artists here.